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1. Executive Coaching

Widen your skill set to help you achieve your goals or strategially plan your next five years. If you are struggling to get where you want to be at work or in life, coaching can help you find the route forwards.

2. Personal Development

Are you feeling bored and frustrated with the hand your have been dealt? Are you finding a particular situation unbearable or just difficult to handle? Discuss your motivations and options for actions to move you out of the box! We can assist both the beginner needing advice on the structure and planning side, as well as the advanced presenter needing fine-tuning of body language, vocal power and audience participation skills.

Much of the work is based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques with the focus on how to influence the audience and what keeps the listeners' attention. The participants are asked to present at least two work-related presentations to allow for in-depth individual feedback.

3. Life/work Balance

Has the balance tipped too much to one side recently? Do you seldom see your family and friends and find that work has overtaken your life? Is it time to do something about it? Moviate yourself by discussing how to regain contol of your time and your life with your Personal Coach.

4. Next Step Coaching

Have you started something that has become difficult to continue? Perhpas a project that you were very motivated towards has suddenly become an elephant task which needs reframing and a different perspective?

Talk to your Coach who can help you towards the next step and re-energize you towards your goals.


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