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1- Advanced Business English

Intensive or extensive courses aimed at improving your performance in high level business situations for example: presenting the company figures, technical sales negotiations, debriefing contractual agreements etc.

Understanding and using a wider range of vocabulary is core material for these courses.

2. Technical Writing in English

Are you struggling to get your knowledge down in English? You know what you want to say but your sentences seem to get too complex with all those technical words?

Short courses in writing technical documents can really improve your "right first time" drafting. Focus is on the structure, accuracy and layout of the documents. 

3. Individual Programmes

Do you feel you have a special gap in your English language skills? Do you need just a little bit of help on a specific area or with a specific project? Then let us help you fill those gaps and tailor the training to your particular needs. Very flexible times and durations are the key here, with as much practice as you need to help you over the language blocks!

4. CD Language Courses

Using well-known Business English CD courses we can work through a range of business situations in English to ensure that your language is sufficiently accurate, clear and interesting to help you get your ideas across efficiently and to help you understand other people.

These courses involve a large degree of self-study and will include active practice and role-play sessions to maximise the benefits of the training.

5. The Language of Negotiation


Being able to reframe ideas and proposals quickly and succinctly is just one of the skills for effective negotiating in English.

Setting the appropriate tone and keeping control of the meeting are two more which will help you towards those win-win solutions.

6. Current Business English Writing

Styles change over the years and with the total dependence on emails for today's business writing, clarity, structure and readability are even more important.

Have you ever floundered over how to start that document or how to finish off an email? Let us help you write like a professional and make the impression you want to give. 

7. English for Meetings

Being able to communicate your agendas clearly and simply so that everyone has the same idea is just the start of effective English in meetings. Looking at controlling the meeting and how easy it is to interrupt and ask pertinent questions in English, are further skills that help you achieve your meeting objectives.

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