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1 Executive Training

Individual programmes especially tailored to your skills requirements. Whether it is a conference paper review or managing a strategic meeting, we can assist with your preparation and delivery.

2 Presentation Skills

We can assist both the beginner needing advice on the structure and planning side, as well as the advanced presenter needing fine-tuning of body language, vocal power and audience participation skills.

Much of the work is based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques with the focus on how to influence the audience and what keeps the listeners' attention. The participants are asked to present at least two work-related presentations to allow for in-depth individual feedback.

3 Assertiveness Skills

The basic steps to assertiveness can help you build better rapport with your colleagues and help you handle any differences or feedback in and "adult" manner.  Transactional Analysis is introduced to help you maintain balanced levels of communication so that you can say what you want, how you want and when you want, but not at the expense of others.

The use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator helps you to gain awareness of your psychological type and what that means in terms of your working relationships and how you are perceived by others.

4 Time Management

This programme deals with the issued of eliminating time-wasting and procrastination. Only when you have an awareness of these where you waste your time can you gain back control and start prioritising the right tasks to achieve your real goals.

Techniques of diarising and structuring your day help you to keep sight of the important things and yet leave you time for urgent fire-fighting when necessary.

5 Intercultural Skills

Through an awareness of our own beliefs, attitudes and actions we can start to understand how others see us and how this can sometimes create barriers to communication.

Understanding the gaps between cultures, gaining insight into the reasons behind the behaviours and closing the apparent gaps can lead to the individuals again becoming the focus and the central element of the communication rather than the differences between us.

6 Technical Writing


Whether it is a well-report or a financial review, we can help you start from scratch or fine-tune the document in terms of overall structure or detailed nuances.

Email etiquette is on the agenda for guidelines, as is minute-taking from meetings. Excellent writing requires an awareness of the readers' needs as well as clarity of the objective and readability.  Business writing is a skill that can be developed by anyone wanting to sell ideas in writing.

7 Team Skills

This workshop underlines the importance of clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the team, so that there is free-flowing communication and information within the team.

Indoors or outdoors we can help your team to understand each other better by appreciating their strengths when working together on problem solving/strategic planning/competitive tasks.  The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a useful tool in working with diversity and inclusion in the workplace and it helps to foster greater understanding between diverse individuals.

8 Meeting Skills

With the objective of achieving more productive outcomes from meetings, we work on facilitatitng preparation skills and considering the roles and responsibilities of all the meeting participants.

Tighter meeting control and increasing the culture of efficient meeting etiquette, leaves meeting participants feeling satisfied with the proceedings and allows them to work on making the strong verbal impact required to sell their ideas at meetings.


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